Photo de Accrochoc (Wikicommons)
Photo de Accrochoc (Wikicommons)

some features of the interlaces


In the altar of the high chapel of St. Peter’s Church in Bessuéjouls, Aveyron, are inserted three beautiful interlaces of Carolingian style that Paul Deschamps considers more recent.

address: Saint Peter’s church Bessuéljouls

culture: Medieval Carolingian

time: probably closer to us than the Carolingian period

art: sculpture

forms : various forms. The center consists of two four leaves interlaces ringed together (a circle through the four leaves) but with a closed heart (no space between the braidss of the knot). About the « four leaves » see the main site of the galaxy of interlacing.

location :
address: Church of Besssuéljouls, Aveyron, Midi-Pyrénées, France
« Interlace locus »: « 
Pearl of Interlace « , a visit in 2016 most likely, will confirm or invalidate this certification


wanderings around interlacing
background, environment :
Very beautiful church, I have not visited yet, with a specificity that was relatively common in southwest France Romanesque art (Deschamps), a chapel perched on the first floor of the bell tower. Moreover, this church belongs to a territory with beautiful churches with superb interlaces, among them the Conques abbey, almost all of them on one of the Roads of Saint Jacques de Compostela, the Via Piodensis one.

ther interlaces in the same place : yes

The church has other romanesque interlaces. Cf the Baguenaudes site which proposes beautiful pictures. « The decorative ensemble obtained by the most varied interlaces that has been preserved from the Romanesque period is located in Saint-Pierre Bessuéjouls (Aveyron), 4 km from Espalion. One can see several capitals, a door lintel and an altar decorated with interlaces. From the Romanesque church remains only the bell tower, the present church being much more recent…. « Paul Deschamps.

sources  & ressources

  • Le site Baguenaudes, site individuel de qualité, divers et bien fait. Une réelle personnalité.

  • Deschamps Paul. Le décor d’entrelacs carolingien et sa survivance à l’époque romane. In: Comptes rendus des séances de l’Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres, 83e année, N. 4, 1939. pp. 387-396. doi : 10.3406/crai.1939.77211. Très intéressant article sur les entrelacs carolingiens du sud ouest avec une ouverture temporelle et géographique d’envergure.

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