Chapiteau à Saint Pierre Toirac capital

photo source: O Taris, Wikicommons


some features of the interlaces

the church offers finely carved in sandstone interlaces, some very interesting, in a large number of expressive and diverse capitals in their themes…I need to visit them fast!
« … The ornamentation grows especially on the many capitals, who received some amazing plant motif
s and interlaces. Inherited from the Carolingian world, they were first adopted for the abbey of Saint-Sauveur de Figeac: they allow to place the construction of the choir of the Church of Saint-Pierre-Toirac to 1110. « (1)

culture : Medieval Romanesque
time : XII century at the junction of Romanesque and Gothic
art : sculpture
forms : various
location :
church of Saint-Pierre-Toirac, Lot, Midi-Pyrénées, France
« Interlace locus »: « 
Pearl of Interlace « , a visit in 2016 most likely, will confirm or invalidate this certification


wanderings around interlacing

background, environment :
Church of the XII century and fortified during the Hundred Years War
ther interlaces in the same place : yes

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Sources and Resources

(1) L’église Saint-Pierre (Saint-Pierre-Toirac)

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